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California Department of Social Services - Updates on Coronavirus 

July 16, 2020


Visitation by non-essential individuals should be limited until all of the following conditions are met (as of July 6, 2020):

 -There have been no new transmissions of COVID-19 at the facility for 14 days.

 -Facility is not experiencing staff shortages.

 -Licensee has adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and

essential cleaning supplies to care for persons in care.

 -Licensee has adequate access to COVID-19 testing as outlined in the “Testing

for COVID-19 in Residential Facilities” section in PIN 20-23-ASC.

 -Facility is requiring visitors to wear face coverings (i.e. facemasks or cloth face


During the time when visitation is limited, facilities shall make arrangements for alternate means of visitation and communication for visitors such as, drive-by visits, visits through a resident’s window, phone calls, video calls, and online communications. Visits and communications should allow for private and/or confidential communications as needed, and as required by law. A facility may quarantine or cohort residents together as necessary for containment and mitigation only.

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